Disaster Social Work

The overall goal of the research partnership is to advance knowledge in long-term disaster recovery and reconstruction by exploring community-based disaster mitigation that includes sustainability, equity and livelihoods in affected small city and rural communities in Canada, USA, Australia, India, Pakistan, and Taiwan.


Research Team

The research team comprises social work academic researchers from Canada, USA, Australia, India, Pakistan, and Taiwan, and community and government partners. Team members were chosen for their research and leadership expertise, formal role in disaster recovery and social work associations as well as research connections for knowledge mobilization.


Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is used to investigate long-term disaster recovery and reconstruction by conducting interviews with disaster responders, government officials, and practitioners; focus groups with affected individuals and community members; documentary analysis and direct observation in field sites.

Nationally and internationally, the frequency of natural disasters is increasing…

—National Disaster Risk Mitigation Strategy, Public Safety Canada, 2009

Recent Events

Social Work Connections for Disaster Recovery Workshop in Calgary, Alberta, March 30, 2017

Social Work Connections for Disaster Recovery Workshop in Calgary, Alberta
March 30, 2017

Webcast is available for the morning session of the workshop.

Click the link to watch: Webcast for the morning session
Password: ACSW2017

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Meeting of the Research Team in Vienna Austria

Meeting of the Research Team in Vienna, Austria, July 11-12, 2015

This summer, members of the Research team met in the Vienna, Austria, from July 11-12th, 2015, to discuss our research findings and to identify future research questions and directions for the Rebuilding Lives Post-Disaster research partnership. The researchers focused on these key areas: 1) Data Analysis: to share key research findings and case studies from Canada, USA, Australia, Pakistan, Taiwan, and China; 2) Knowledge Mobilization: to share research findings through journals, the development of a book proposal, upcoming international conferences, websites and other related media; 3) Extending International Cooperation: to recruit more research partners and collaborators…Read More


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Nepal Earthquake Helpline Support

Since the Nepal earthquake on April 25, 2015, Dr. Lena Dominelli (Co-Investigator, RLPD) has been in touch with several people and organizations in Nepal to offer assistance. She has been working through the Earthquake without Frontiers (EwF) project and activated a “Virtual Helpline of Support”, which enables people who cannot go to a disaster site/should not go to a disaster site to offer assistance. Lena has asked us to share the Guidelines for Disaster Helpline Support (Section 1). If you are interested in the Virtual Helpline, please provide all the information described in the Virtual Helpline Letter for Applicants to join Helpline (Section 2) to her at…Read More